Since 1986 the leader in the market of professional h.p. washers, cooling systems and spare parts for high pressure washersThe alliance of our companies forms a complete solution in the field of high-pressure water machines: Idrosan, Idrobase, Idrotech and Club dei Riparatori are four companies each specialized in a very specific business, which support and complement each other giving rise to a single reality, the pocket multi-national Idrobase Group!

Whether it is to produce solutions for sanitization and disinfection, innovative professional hp washers, industrial misting systems, cooling systems (fogging systems) or parts for any brand of high pressure washers, our Group meets the needs of the customer at 360 ° offering the most comprehensive and beneficial solution to overcome the continuing market challenges. 

We know today that to be truly competitive is essential to anticipate customers’ demands, this is why Idrobase Group designs and innovates constantly its product-lines keeping in mind the welfare of its users and safeguarding the environment, helping to keep the world cleaner.